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  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Pop-ups
  • Printing
  • Browser security
  • Computer errors
  • Ms office 365
  • Hard drive crash
  • Password recovery
  • System backups
  • Smartphones
  • iCloud accounts
  • Web hosting
  • WordPress
  • Themes, plugins
  • Social Media, SEO
  • Photoshop
  • Html, Css, Php
  • Networking

Most requested computer services - The fastest web host for the best price! Removing fake anti-virus programs, viruses, malware and rogue browser extensions. This is a service that we have many years experience with. Here are a few of the latest fake anti-virus programs we’ve had the pleasure removing.

  • PAL Spyware Remover
  • Paladin Antivirus
  • Palladium Pro
  • Anti-SpyWare
  • PC Clean Pro
  • Defender Antivirus

Computer services

  • New computer setups.
  • Computer errors.
  • Programming errors.
  • Virus / malware removal.
  • No sound or video.
  • Printer troubleshooting.
  • Lost Internet access.
  • Password / username recovery.
  • Wireless networking issues.
  • Smartphones / tablets.

WordPress support

We love to answer your WordPress questions. We provide premium WordPress theme and plugin support. Contact us to find out if we are able to help you with your WordPress needs.

WordPress services we support

  • WordPress Premium Themes, Plugins.
  • Fix HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript syntax errors.
  • Mobile responsive, cross-browser compatibility.
  • Backup / restore WordPress websites, databases.
  • Fix website structure, text/image alignment issues.
  • Fix broken links. (This includes broken image, text links)
  • Secure your WordPress site, remove Viruses, Malware.
  • Recover or reset WordPress passwords/usernames.
  • Web Hosting account management. (cPanel etc)
  • Recover WordPress passwords/usernames.
  • Troubleshoot WordPress database errors.
  • WordPress customization.
  • Yoast SEO optimization.


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