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How to add the YouTube BBcode phpBB forums. I have included the YouTube BBCode needed for your phpBB forum. Let me start by saying, there are no special system requirements I need to make you aware of in 2018. Without further waiting!

  • BBCode Usage: [youtube]{SIMPLETEXT}[/youtube]
  • HTML Replacement: <iframe width=”640″ height=”440″ src=”//{SIMPLETEXT} frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • Helpline: YouTube: [youtube]Link to YouTube video[/youtube]

PhpBB forum troubleshooting can be accomplished with any web browser. I like to use Firefox and an extension called Firebug. Inspect any forum with Firebug. Here is a site that has some beautiful themes for your phpBB forums. Still need support on this issue, drop us a comment below or email us here. YouTube BBcode phpBB

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