Web Design

The Web Design you end up going with, should be thought about carefully. After all, your branding your business and will most likely end up keeping it for the life of your business. So make sure the Web Design you go with really matches the nature of your business. Sometimes it's in your best interest to let the web designer make that decision, but sometimes it is. That's your call. The difficult part for the client, there are so many WordPress themes available to choose from, it could make you dizzy.

The idea is to make it as easy as possible for business owners new to the Web Design space. Building and maintaining a website should not be difficult, that's why we use the most affordable, light-weight, stable, accessible and easy to use WordPress theme in the industry, GeneratePress Pro. We love it and so do our customers. It's great for beginners, it's affordable, lightweight and stable. It's the WordPress theme Expert Computer Help is built on and has been running on since 2016.

GeneratePress Pro

As a GeneratePress Pro member, you get access to a huge library of WordPress site themes. Getting tired of your current web design, install a new theme. If your looking to get creative, and want your website up and running fast? Take a look at GeneratePress Pro.

Is your plan to work on and maintain your website yourself? GeneratePress Pro is easy for beginners to learn, it will accelerate your workflow with easy to use customization options, professional looking starter sites, and block-based theme building. The premium version will take GeneratePress free to the next level.

To learn what goes into creating a website, see our Web Design blog post. It explains exactly what goes into the build process.