Top Spin 4 Gameplay Tips

Top Spin 4 Gameplay Tips

The other day I was streaming Top Spin 4 on my YouTube channel XboxTennis. I was asked so many questions, that I decided to write a post on my favorite Top Spin 4 gameplay tips.

Power shots

Press and hold any shot button. After so many years of playing Top Spin 4, it surprises me how many players are still powering up every shot. I’m not implying power shots aren’t useful, because they are, but they do take longer to implement than control shots. On the other hand, power shots can be very necessary in certain situations.

Control shots

A quick tap of any shot button. If your a player who tends to press and hold down the shot button, try a single quick tap instead. The timing is tricky at first, as it took me a few weeks to really feel comfortable with it. Control shots can be performed using any of the shot buttons, A, B, X or Y.

Top Spin 4 Gameplay Tips

If you don’t have enough time to hit a perfect power shot, then control shots are the answer. Power shots take more time than Control Shots. Power shots have a slow windup, control shots on the other hand, really don’t have any tells. The signs that your player is about to swing happens so fast you can’t see it, but it’s there. That partially explains why control shots are so effective, so yes, it is easy to disguise your shots in Top Spin 4. You just have to practice it.

Baseline shots

Playing at the baseline in Top Spin 4 is definitely a skill best performed by an over powered setup. Most players who excel at baseline rallies are usually equipped with a custom over powered setup. This is the most frowned upon setup in the game. Why? Because at that point, Top Spin 4 gameplay is no longer simulation, it becomes an arcade game instead. The majority of gamers who are into Top Spin 4 prefer simulation tennis games.

Left thumbstick

The importance of the left thumbstick goes beyond words. The left thumb stick is responsible for moving the ball in all directions. Want to hit a deep shot to the baseline, push the left thumb stick in that direction. Want to hit a short shot, pull back on the left thumb stick. Same thing applies for pushing the ball out wide or with drop shops. Just hold the left stick in the direction you want the ball to go in.

Approach / net shots

In Top Spin 4, the approach shot skill is very effective. Use the approach shot to run to the net for a quick winner. The approach shot skill is normally attached to a serve and volley setup. Makes perfect sense because most of the time you end up in a net battle with your opponent.

Top Spin 4 Gameplay Tips

Drop shots

I started experimenting with drop shots in Top Spin 2. In fact, I got so hooked on practicing drop shots my opponents would rage quit. It got to the point where I was so good at performing Top Spin 2 drop shots I could rely on them as my primary weapon to win matches. In Top Spin 4, drop shots are a great go to weapon and can definitely help you get a few points, but I wouldn’t rely on them as much as we could in Top Spin 2.

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