Tennis World Tour

Tennis Would Tour 1 is absolutely horrible. Maybe they patched up the Xbox One version, because that was horrible too. The PC version is horrible, full of bugs, constant crashing, just an awful experience. These guys at TWT are criminals for taking our money. They knew what they were doing and still released it. It’s a crime.

Unfinished games

Tennis World Tour is an unfinished game that was released it to the public before it’s time. A strict set of guidelines needs to be in place first. It should be illegal for a software company to sell unfinished products to the public. They’ve scammed many people into paying $79 for an unfinished game, should be a crime.

Tennis World Tour

Tennis World Tour 1 Graphics

When Tennis World Tour is in a static non moving state, it looks very good. It makes you want to keep playing, especially after dropping $79.00. But as soon as you start getting into Tennis World Tour’s gameplay, you feel the off movements, glitchy and herkie jerky animations. The ball trajectory is off and not smooth. As if it were traveling at 15 frames per second. It messes with you. Plus matches take forever. Just an overall frustrating experience. John McEnroe’s commentary absolutely sucks too. Just does.

The game runs in slow motion at times due to bugs. Really weird. The one thing that really “bugs” me, Y, B or A will become a slice shot on their own. You press B thinking a nice fat top spin shot is about to happen and then it slices. Messes with your head. So I’m playing a great match and need to hit a deep B or Top Spin shot and 6 out of 10 the B button will slice the ball. The A button does the same thing. And the left thumb stick usually does what it wants. Anyone else experience this?

I’ve played all the versions of TopSpin up to 4. I played almost everyday for many years. So I think I am more than qualified to review Tennis World Tour and any other tennis game.

Let me know what you guys think about TWT. Am I the only one who thinks it needs work?

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