PowerBear Extended Battery 7500 mAh

The PowerBear Extended Battery 7500 mAh for the Galaxy Note 4. It’s a 7500 mAh extended battery by PowerBear. It’s suppose to give you 2.5x more than the default Samsung battery. The sacrifice is the extra size and weight. To be honest, it’s not that bad. Feels only a tiny bit heavier than my girlfriend’s iPhone 6 Plus.

The battery shipped with 58%. I charged it to 100% and used it until it was almost empty, about 5-10%. I did this 3 times. Last night I went to sleep at 2:00 AM with 100%. Woke after 7 hours with 97%. After 5 hours of heavy usage it’s got 73% left. So far a single charge has lasted almost 2 days of heavy usage. I’m impressed. Now my Note 4 lasts longer than the iPhone 6 Plus. The verdict? PowerBear Extended Battery 7500 mAh is a beast in every way and will put life back into your Galaxy Note 4.

Remove Torrent Malware

Malware Infected Torrents

Are all torrents infected with malware? No. Do I think our downloaded torrents have been altered to the hackers favor? I do. How much of that “altered” software is actually harmful? Not as much as you think. I’m not saying this to comfort you in downloading torrents. Downloading torrents is risky, period. Even the experts never know what their getting and get infected. On the other hand, some torrents are actually clean, but are always altered. Those altered files may not hurt your system, but may invade your privacy on levels you are not comfortable with. They could be set to track your activity and spending habits.

I’ve used torrent software that was altered and not designed to be harmful. So no problem there. When I decided to go browsing through the different file types and browse the code of the torrents, I can see alterations that resemble Malware and redirects. Over the past 20 years I’ve had quite a few “educational” experiences with torrent infected malware games and software.

Are all torrents are infected with malware?

The short answer, no. Not all torrents are infected with Malware. However, most are! Why yes? Because they can. Why else would you want to spend countless hours cracking thousands of dollars worth of applications? There has to be something monetarily in it for the hacker. There is no other reason that makes sense. What do they gain? Depends what they want. If they want, they could gain direct root access to your computer and lock you out. Usually with some variant of Bitcoin Ransomware. I’ve heard them demanding hundreds to thousands to unlock your computer.

If you are knowledgeable enough to deal with the risks associated with downloading torrents infected with Malware, go for it. Do yourself a favor and use a reputable VPN service before downloading torrents. I use Windscribe.

NOTE: If you want to stay safe online:

  • Stay away from downloading torrents. They are all infected.
  • Make sure your operating system has the latest security updates. (Windows/MacOS)
  • Like I mentioned above, use a reputable VPN service, I like and use Windscribe.
  • Add an extra layer of security with real-time protection using Malwarebytes Premium.

This amount of security on your computer should do the trickI hope this post helped. If you need assistance removing viruses and malware or link injections, post in the comments below or send us an email here.

Craigslist False Flagging Ghosting

Craigslist Flagging and Ghosting

Craigslist Flagging and Ghosting has been a problem since the late 90’s. Craigslist has been my go to for local advertising. But not without a hand-full of problems along the way. In 1999 my first account was banned, no idea why. My current account is still in good standing. I’ve it had since the first one got banned. The second account has been slapped with false ghosting a few times. I’ve been a victim of false flagging ever since the 90’s. False flagging is still very much out of control in 2019. Craigslist will ghost your Ads if they get flagged enough by random members. No thanks to all the illegal Craigslist flagging software. That software is what is responsible for your Ads being ghosted by Craigslist.

The definition of Craigslist Ghosting and Flagging

Craigslist Ghosting – Ghosting is the practice that when your ads appear to have posted successfully, Craigslist actually hides these ads from users. … Essentially, Craigslist is tricking you into believing your ads are posted when they are not. These hidden ads, we refer to them as being “ghosted”.

Craigslist Flagging – Flagging Removal of Free Classified Ads. Craigslist’s automated system deletes free posts that receive multiple negative flags. If your post was removed, enough people flagged it to trigger the system. This does not mean that your account has been disabled or compromised.

So what’s stopping any of your competitors from using illegal tactics and third-party software to give them an edge? Nothing.

Please post your thoughts on this topic in the comments.

Malware is on the rise

Malware Is On The Rise

Malware Is On The Rise. There are a few new viruses out there, but the latest threat is called, Bad Rabbit. It’s a nasty ransomware virus that forces you to pay “them” in bitcoin currency in order to unlock your system. (Backup your files) The interesting thing about this Malware, there’s a timer on the screen, the longer you wait, the more you have to pay to unlock your system. (Backup your files) Bad Rabbit ransomware attacks are quickly spreading throughout Europe as we speak. Another thing I heard, the Bad Rabbit Ransomware is disguising itself as Adobe Flash. Be VERY cautious when updating your Adobe Flash player. If you want to update your Adobe Flash player securely, go here.

As for Expert Computer Help, October was one of our busiest months for Malware removal. Not just removing Malware from the Windows operating system, but WordPress as well. Hackers got into a few of our client sites as well as personal. Everything had to be cleaned!


What Does Ransomware Do?

What does ransomware do? It’s a virus that locks your file system, data or the functionality of your computer. The only way you can unlock your computer is by paying the ransom, usually in the form of Bitcoin. The effects of ransomware can be either an annoyance or devastating. This depends on the importance of the locked content. The cost to unlock your files depends on how valuable your data is. According to Google the last ransomware heist made close to $300,000.

We can expect more targeted and destructive attacks in the future, but also ransom demands that vary based on the attacker’s estimation of the value of the data being held hostage and/or the ability of the victim to pay some estimates of what their data is worth.

Ransomware does what?

  • Locks all files and programs, except for the ones required to pay the ransom.
  • Kills all TSR’s or Terminate Stay Resident programs that would normally be running.
  • Removes your ability to browse the Internet other than to URL locations that will allow you to pay the ransom.

Once you pay the ransom, the criminals may send you a code that you can input into the Ransomware program that then allows you to use your computer or decrypt your data. In some situations, though, even if you do pay the ransom, the criminals will just take your money and run, with you being left with your problem unresolved.

The loss of your data and computer can be devastating, sending the ransom could be even more so. Depending on how the criminals want you to pay the ransom could put you at risk for Identity Theft as the information you send may contain personal information. Therefore, we suggest that you never pay a ransom unless it is absolutely necessary for data recovery. For screenlockers you should never pay a ransom as there are always solutions to remove these infections without paying anything. Last, but not least, it is important to remember that paying the ransom only continues to fuel the release of new variants of these types of programs.

Need assistance removing ransomware? Give us a call, drop us a comment or direct email here.


Threatpost, An Excellent Source for Cyber Security News 2018

Threatpost, An Excellent Source for Cyber Security News 2018. There are many reasons I frequent this website for up to date cyber security news. Their content is up top the minute and is the real deal, not spun from other sources. Everyday you visit their site you will find quality global cyber security news flowing through all avenues of their site. A website any IT / Computer person should have in their library. I’ve been visiting their website for many years. I’ve learned quite a bit about online cloud security, malware, viruses, vulnerabilities and privacy. These are technologies that constantly need to be looked at by everyone in 2018.

Every once in a while I’ll talk about websites I think other’s need to hear about. is one of those sites.

Threatpost is an independent news site. They are suppose to be the leading source of information about IT and business security for professionals worldwide. The muscle behind this company is their award-winning editorial team. These guys produce fresh content including security news, videos, feature posts daily. Threatpost is an authoritative source on cyber security by leading news outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, USA Today and National Public Radio.

If you enjoy keeping up to date with cyber security, I would subscribe to for up to date cyber security news.