Torrents, Malware & Security

Torrents, Malware & Security This article contains educational information regarding Torrents, Malware & Security. Created to answer questions surrounding these highly controversial topics. Understanding the risks associated with downloading copyrighted material bundled inside torrents and know how to use security tools needed to avoid downloading malware, breaking the law, as well as the dangers of … Read more

How To Create A WordPress Website

How To Create A WordPress Website Register A Domain Name A domain name is an address on the Internet. A hosting provider stores website files on servers and makes them available to be accessed on the internet. There are many hosting providers to choose from, and usually bundle both a domain name and hosting at … Read more

Top 10 Local SEO Tips 2023

Who needs local SEO? Local search engine optimization (SEO), is an essential aspect of digital marketing. This practice helps businesses improve their visibility and attract more customers within their local area. With the increasing competition among businesses, it’s crucial to stay up to date with the latest local SEO strategies and techniques. In this article, … Read more

WordPress Internal Server Error

WordPress Internal Server Error At some point, WordPress Internal Server Error will happen to you, and when it does you’ll want to make sure you have a handle on it. This error is not isolated to WordPress, this error began on non WordPress websites before WordPress ever existed. Back then it was just called, Internal … Read more

Email Phishing Scams

Email Phishing Scams Email Phishing Scams are a type of social engineering where an attacker sends a fraudulent message designed to trick a person into revealing sensitive information or to deploy malicious software on the victim’s computer/network like ransomware. Ultimately goal is to steal your money. Installing viruses on your computer is one way to … Read more

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Many people are calling it the new digital extortion. I’ll explain… As the internet continues to grow, so will the number of people who post negative reviews about your business. I I’ve been researching Online Reputation Management for the last few … Read more


Gameplay Elvenar is a browser-based 2D strategy MMO available on desktops and mobile devices. Elvenar’s primary focus is city-building and exploring their world map. Players begin by building up a city, connecting buildings to the streets and growing your wealth by producing resource-generating buildings. It’s a solid game and very addicting. The problem with Elvenar’s … Read more

A2Hosting Review

A2Hosting Review Before I get started on the A2Hosting review, I feel it’s important to disclose my background in the web design and web hosting industry. I am writing this review based on my personal experience with A2Hosting hosting. My name is Anthony, I have been building and supporting websites since the late 90s. I’ve … Read more