Tennis World Tour Crashing

As of this post, Tennis World Tour Crashing is a wide spread problem. It won’t matter if you uninstall or reinstall, it will not help. A Steam download that keeps crashing. Not good. Tennis World Tour sold us a broken game and Steam will not honor a refund.

I tried to recorded a short video of some gameplay, but once again it crashed. I sent the video to Steam to see if they would honor a refund and they denied me. No word from TWT devs either. Mind you, this game is installed on a very capable PC for a game that does not require a lot of resources to run.

Xbox One X

Before I owned Tennis World Tour for the PC, I purchased it for the Xbox One X, it crashed there too. It cost me $79, but this time calling Xbox Live support paid off. They removed the charge and deactivated the game on my console. For Xbox Live to refund you for a digital purchase is rare. Lucky me!

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Does Tennis World Tour crash on you during PC gameplay or Xbox? Let me know in the comments.