My OBS Output Settings for Game Streaming

A2hosting is the fastest affordable webhost on the planet. In the video you can see the quality the OBS settings I use look. So I wanted to create a post titled “My OBS Output Settings for Game Streaming”.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm just happened to be the game I was playing at the time of this OBS recording. I spent many hours testing a combination of stream output settings in OBS to try and find the perfect recipe for the Xbox One X, i5 4670k (4-cores), GTX 760 x2 and Elgato HD60 Pro capture card. Just so you have a visual, I am using the Xbox One X HDMI out port to connect to the in port on the Elgato HD60 Pro via HDMI cable. Then I take another HDMI cable and plug that into the out port on the Elgato HD60 Pro and plug the other end into your monitor. Once that is done you open OBS and setup your sources and add your settings.

So here are the settings that consistently gave me the best results: (Make sure your OBS output mode is set to Advanced).

  • 1080p
  • 60fps
  • NVENC H.264 (nvidia cards only)
  • 9000 CBR (based on your bandwidth)
  • Keyframe Interval: 0
  • Preset: High Performance
  • Profile: Main
  • Level: Auto
  • 2 Pass Encoding (slightly better quality)
  • GPU: 1 (Because I have 2 GPUs. 1 is the second, 0 is the first).
  • B-frames: 2

This video was recorded using these settings. Keep in mind, each person’s settings will vary due to their computer’s specs. The settings above works great for mine, you might have to tweak these OBS settings to achieve perfection on your particular system.

If you think your system could be the bottleneck, maybe it’s time to upgrade?

Here is a budget gaming system that I hand picked specifically for game streaming that will work on YouTube, Mixer and Twitch. With any system, fast or not, adding a video capture card is necessary for producing high quality streams. I use the Elgato HD60 Pro PCIe capture card in my PC. Using a capture card you will notice a huge step up in quality, as opposed to just streaming from your Xbox One X straight to Mixer. A capture card fixes most stream quality situations. Don’t get that confused with bitrate.

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