Blue Screen Of Death

Over the years I’ve seen many variations of the Blue Screen Of Death. If you’ve been receiving the Blue Screen Of Death and your Computer reboots and crashes randomly, there’s a good chance it’s related to a hardware issue. In this particular case, the physical card was the issue. So replacing the card was the only fix for me. Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers would not work. Deleting the GPU profile in device manager and rebooting, no help. Opening the computer and relocating the card on the motherboard did not work either. The only fix for this issue was a new GPU. The old card was the nVidia 1060. I replaced it with an RX 590. It was time for an upgrade anyway.

A few things to check

  1. Run Windows/MacOS update. Make sure your operating system has the latest updates.
  2. Make sure the hardware devices inside your computer are up to date with the latest drivers.
  3. Check to that your system is not infected with Viruses or Malware. Scan all connected hard drives.
  4. A faulty power supply clogged with hair and dirt could cause a Blue Screen Of Death.
  5. Bad memory modules could be the cause of the Blue Screen Of Death, random freeze ups and crashes. 
  6. Make sure your computer is being properly cooled. This is a big one. Cooling fans are a vital part of preventing your system from overheating. A computer not properly cooled will cause random reboots.
  7. An overloaded hard drive, hot CPU, bad memory module (RAM), intense gaming, intense applications like Photoshop, Da Vinci Resolve or Premiere Pro etc. All these things contribute to the Blue Screen Of Death.


Computers of today have safeguards that shut down the system if a component fails or overheats. System instability can be due to many things. Make sure your computer is clean from the inside out from elements like dirt, dust, and hair. If a computer is living in a room with smokers, that’s a recipe to shorten the life span of your computer.

Take a look at the web browser extensions that are installed on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Brave and Internet Explorer. Rouge extensions are becoming popular for causing system glitches and random crashes.

If your system is acting up and you don’t have the time or know how to work on it, I can help. Post your questions in the comments below, send me an email or just give me a call. I will help you take care of it.