Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is the process of managing potentially damaging content people are writing about you or your business. It’s about taking the proper steps to ensure the general consensus is in line with your online goals.

Is it possible to remove negative complaints

Yes, it is possible. However, you may need to prove the complaints are false in a court of law. Otherwise, complaint sites usually will not budge. If an unhappy customer or employee tarnishes your business with negative reviews, the only one who can remove it quickly is the one who wrote it. If you are unsuccessful at coming to an agreement with the angry person, you could always try and blanket the complaint with dozens of positive ones. Obviously this takes time, sometimes more than it’s worth.

Complaint sites

Websites like,,, and better business bureau hold all the keys when it comes to those nasty complaints. If a complaint about your business gets listed, chances are it will stay there. If they feel a complaint does not have two legs to stand on they will remove it.

Complaint sites are protected

Complaint sites like are protected by the Communications Decency Act (CDA) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). To completely clean up your businesses reputation, you may need to work harder than you think. Complaint sites make a living off their negative and positive reviews because it bring in traffic.

Don’t be fooled by SEO promises

These massive complaint sites don’t care who you are. If you ask for a complaint to be removed it has to be investigated and that takes time. So why would any of them allow an SEO company to remove negative complaints made by a hater? They wouldn’t. My point, don’t be fooled by SEO promises. The truth is, it is not easy to get hurtful reviews about your business removed.

How to deal with shady SEO companies

Online Reputation Management is performed by an individual or organization who claim they can clean up your online reputation. So far all I’ve seen are claims by these individuals and so called SEO companies. It’s not easy to clean up a bad online reputation. The only things I’ve seen work are a change of business names or time. I have not found any testimonials or documentation anywhere that would make me believe otherwise.


Regardless of how you approach it, negative posts, comments or reviews will not go away over night. You need to minimize the impact of negativity by your own positive, but truthful and honest comments. Put together several compelling reasons why the negative posts, comments or reviews should be ignored and your traffic will begin to convert. Keep in mind, this could easily take months, maybe longer.

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