Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office Alternatives

To say there’s a few alternatives to Microsoft Office 365 is an understatement. In this post, I will only be talking about MS Online Office, Google Docs and LibreOffice. Why pay Microsoft $69/yr for Microsoft Office Desktop when you can replace it with a free online solution. The programs I will talk about are Google Docs, MS Office Online and LibreOffice.

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft’s Office Online is a 100% free, web-based version of Microsoft Office. Online office is competing with Google Docs. It’s also a potential replacement for the desktop version of Office. There is no denying this very capable version of MS Office is great.

Libre Office

LibreOffice is a free office suite. Currently I have LibreOffice 6.3.1 installed on Windows 10. If I need to create an invoice, document, presentation email or print. Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and LibreOffice work well together. Each program offers many file formats to “save as” for cross platform compatibility.

Google Docs

One of the things I like about Google Docs is that you never have to hit the save button. All documents, spreadsheets and presentations save as you type. Google Docs also has revision history. This allows us to see old versions of the same document, sorted by date and who made the change. Google Docs offers an excellent suit of tools for the amazing price of free.