Malware Infected Torrents

Not all torrents infected with malware. Do I think our downloaded torrents have been altered to the hackers favor? Yes. How much of that “altered” software is actually harmful? Not as much as you think. I’m not saying this to comfort you in downloading torrents. Downloading torrents is risky, period. Even the experts never know what their getting and get infected. On the other hand, some torrents are actually clean, but are always altered. Those altered files may not hurt your system, but may invade your privacy on levels you are not comfortable with. They could be set to track your activity and spending habits.

I’ve used torrent software that was altered and not designed to be harmful. So no problem there. When I decided to go browsing through the different file types and browse the code of the torrents, I can see alterations that resemble Malware and redirects. Over the past 20 years I’ve had quite a few “educational” experiences with torrent infected malware games and software. Malware Infected Torrents Call: (954) 895-2555

Are all torrents are infected with malware?

The short answer, no. Not all torrents are infected with Malware. However, most are! Why yes? Because they can. Why else would you want to spend countless hours cracking thousands of dollars worth of applications? There has to be something monetarily in it for the hacker. If they want, they could gain direct root access to your computer and lock you out. Usually with some variant of Bitcoin Ransomware. I’ve heard them demanding hundreds to thousands to unlock your computer.

If you are able to deal with the risks associated with downloading torrents infected with Malware, go for it. Do yourself a favor and use a reputable VPN service before downloading torrents. I use Windscribe.

NOTE: If you want to stay safe online:

  • Stay away from downloading torrents. They are all infected.
  • Make sure your operating system has the latest security updates. (Windows/MacOS)
  • Like I mentioned above, use a reputable VPN service, I like and use Windscribe.
  • Add an extra layer of security with real-time protection using Malwarebytes Premium.

This amount of security on your computer should do the trick. If you need assistance removing viruses and malware or link injections, post in the comments below or send us an email here.

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