LogiLDA.dll Error

logilda.dll Error

The LogiLDA dll Error appeared after updating Windows 10 to 1903. After restarting my computer is when the error appeared. The odd thing, I did not have any Logitech devices connected to my computer, haven’t for a year or so. I currently use a Razer mouse and keyboard. My guess, I probably neglected to uninstall the software 100%.

Removing the LogiLDA dll Error

In this post I will show you the most effective way to disable and remove it’s value from the Windows registry. If you are not comfortable working inside the Windows Registry ask someone who is.

  • Open Task Manager.
  • Go to the Startup tab and find LogiLDA.
  • Right click on LogiLDA and click on Disable.
  • This disables the bad file. Now we delete the registry value.
  • Press Win + R and type in REGEDIT.
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key.
  • Find Logitech Download Assistant and delete the entry.
  • Now reboot the system for changes to take effect.


A2hosting.com - The fastest web host for the best price! We disabled the LogiLDA dll Error (Logitech Download Assistant) from Windows startup. Then we deleted the value in the registry and restarted our computer. If all went well you should no longer be dealing with this error.

If you are unsuccessful at removing this error and still need help please contact me with your questions in the comments. I will respond as soon as I receive the notification.

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