Dreamweaver CSS Navigation Menu

My goal was to create a super clean Dreamweaver CSS navigation menu that everyone can learn from and copy and paste into their editor. Want the code, click here. Watch the video tutorial below or visit my YouTube channel to watch it, click here. The slow to moderate pace of my tutorials are geared for beginners to intermediate users. Watch the video to see how create this awesome CSS Menu.

When you create a CSS menu, think of it as a container that you build inwards. In other words, you have your HTML Tag and then you have everything else. The head, body, title, style, nav, div, ul, li etc. Whatever it is that help you become a better developer. Programming in HTML and CSS is super fun, at least for me. When you start adding PHP and JavaScript, then it gets really fun.

For those of you who don’t know, PHP is a server-side scripting language and JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. Incorporate the two languages together and you will be able to create some stunning dynamic websites.

What’s great about knowing how to use these programming languages together, customers will pay you top dollar to fix or customize something. Whether it’s an internal error, can’t connect to the database, broken images, CSS customization, site is loading slow or malware removal, there is always plenty of work to be done.

To create your own version of a Dreamweaver CSS Navigation Menu, simply copy the code and paste it into the editor of your choice. In this example, I use Dreamweaver CS6. In 2022, I still love it.

Dreamweaver CSS Navigation Menu

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