Crypto Scammers Love Telegram

Crypto Scammers Love Telegram

Crypto Scammers Love Telegram. Telegram seems to be the go to social media platform where scammers and impersonators live. is where many new crypto projects get their start. has a recently added cryptocurrency section. This is a great place to locate tokens/coins before they actually make a name for themselves. It’s one of the best resources to locate and research newborn projects that will 1000x your investment.

About 4 months ago I purchased $25 of OLYMPUS TOKENS via PancakeSwap. After my purchase, I noticed my tokens did not successfully transfer into my Trust Wallet. So I went searching for support and ended up in the OLYMPUS TOKEN Telegram group.

Crypto Scammers Love Telegram

I wasn’t aware of this at the time, but crypto Telegram groups are all full of Crypto Scammers Impersonating Tech Support in Telegram to trick you to give them your crypto wallet seed phrase. Just waiting for you to ask for support. Once in the OLYMPUS TOKEN Telegram group, I posted a question asking if anyone could help me recover my recent purchase of OLYMPUS TOKENS. Within seconds I got a DM on my phone asking how they can help me. I was like, cool, these guys are fast. Now I can get my tokens and be on my way. They asked me which wallet I used, then told me I needed to validate my wallet with my secret phrase and the tokens will appear after I refresh the app. So I did that with the link they gave me.

Seconds later I watched several smart contracts leave my wallet. Knowing what had just happened, I was sick to my stomach. Luckily, I was able to lock my Trust Wallet before they emptied it. They stole about $1000 of crypto. All this happened very quickly, so you must act quickly before they steal it all.

Thank god it was only $1000. It could have been much worse. I put so much time into researching each of my crypto projects and adding all this data to my new portfolio. It was a horrible feeling that stuck with me for weeks. To watch your money get stolen and not be able to stop it is enough to make you jump out of a window. Unfortunately, once this happens, your crypto is gone/unrecoverable. So please be careful. ❤️

Crypto Scam Impersonators Telegram are all over the place, not just Telegram. If you think you may have been scammed, please feel free to post your questions or comments below. I would be happy to help in any way I can. Thanks, Oz.

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