Powerbear Extended Battery

PowerBear Extended Battery 7500 mAh

A2hosting.com - The fastest web host for the best price! The PowerBear Extended Battery 7500 mAh for the Galaxy Note 4. This battery is suppose to give you 2.5x more than the default Samsung battery. The sacrifice is the extra size and weight. In our opinion, it’s not that bad. This cell phone battery only feels a tiny bit heavier than the iPhone 6 Plus.

Powerbear Extended BatteryThis battery shipped with a 58% charge. I charged it to 100% and used it until it was almost empty, about 5-10%. I did this 3 times. Last night I went to sleep at 2:00 AM with 100%. Woke after 7 hours with 97%. After 5 hours of heavy usage it’s got 73% left. So far a single charge has lasted almost 2 days of heavy usage. I’m impressed. Now my Note 4 lasts longer than the iPhone 6 Plus. The verdict? PowerBear Extended Battery 7500 mAh is a beast of a battery and will put life back into your Galaxy Note 4 or any compatible phone.

If you decide to go shopping for this battery and you do not find any in stock, there are a ton of compatible extended batteries that you could find for your smartphone. All you are doing is replacing your battery with a big fat one. They all come with extra large cases that are designed to replace your current smartphone case.

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