Boom 2 EQ No Sound

Yes, when you search Google for “Boom 2 EQ No Sound” will pull up many articles. This is an issue many of us have dealt with over the years. If you’ve been dealing with Boom 2 not working, your not … Read More

Computer Keeps Restarting

If your Computer keeps restarting, chances are it’s related to a hardware issue. Diagnosing hardware can be difficult because it’s usually intermittent. Here are a few things to try if your computer keeps restarting. Make sure your computer has the latest updates from Microsoft. Make sure your drivers are up to date. Video, sound, motherboards and network cards are very important to check. When it comes to your computer restarting on you, don’t rule out a virus. Update your virus program and run it. If the cooling fans in your computer are not doing their job, this will overheat your computer, forcing it to reboot. The computers of today have safeguards that shut down the system if a component fails or overheats. Overall system instability due to an overloaded hard drive, CPU or a heavy game, graphic intense application like Photoshop with over-sized images and hundreds of layers etc. Make sure your computer is clean and know what is running on it. Take a look at which web browser extensions are installed, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer etc.

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