Backdoor:PHP/Small.MThe Backdoor:PHP/Small.M Virus is marked on Microsoft’s website as being a severe virus. This virus gives a malicious hacker access and control of your PC. It is written in the PHP scripting language and is intended to be run on a web server. Once the web server is compromised, information is returned to a malicious hacker using commands in the HTTP request. Which types of software/torrents would contain a virus with this behavior? Stolen WordPress Themes and Plugins. How do you clean you them? Download your .SQL database file and zip up your website and download it. Then scan both with an anti-virus program and then when it doesn’t find anything go looking through it file by file. Because just using software might not be thorough enough. - The fastest web host for the best price! There are no symptoms associated with this virus. Alert notifications from your anti-virus software may be all you will see. You might notice a very small hit on performance now and then. This is a virus you do not want sitting on your computer for any length of time.  Malwarebytes Premium is my anti-virus program of choice. Windows Defender will find and remove this virus as well.

Be sure to change your WordPress login and database password before re-uploading your website. Otherwise, as soon as your newly cleaned site goes live it will get reinfected, sometimes within minutes. If you have questions or need assistance removing this or any other viruses, post your comments below or contact us here.

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