Annoying Third Party Software

When an application requires an update, you expect no funny business. However, it is quite common for companies to automatically check boxes that include annoying third party software in their updates. These third party applications or widgets can sometimes slow your computer down. Things like, heavy toolbars, a new homepage or search provider. It’s frustrating because you never asked for it and never checked the boxes to include it with your update. In this post I will use Java as an example and talk about how to avoid annoying third party software updates you never asked for.

Java Oracle

As long as I can remember, Java updates have been notorious for sneaking in pre-checked annoying third party software updates. The problem, Java is necessary to run certain programs or games. If you want to use a program or play your favorite game, it just might require Java. Just remember, when updating your software, especially Java Oracle, pay close attention to each window and which boxes are checked. If a scroll bar exist, scroll down to make sure nothing else is checked.

Adding toolbars, changing your default search provider and homepage. Most of these third party applications are harmless, but sometimes can cause havoc and instability on your computer.

Pay close attention the next time updating Java Oracle or installing any new software. The key thing, be careful not to click through the install/update too fast, take your time to read through the fine print. Some of these annoying third party updates can be tricky to remove.

Notice the image below has 3 boxes checked, these boxes are checked by default. If you missed unchecking those boxes you would install 3 components on your computer you never asked for. Oracle knows users have a tendency to be impatient, that’s why you need to pay close attention when installing or updating software. Otherwise you may end up with software on your computer you never wanted in the first place. In the worst case scenario, you install malware.

Annoying Third Party Updates

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