Activate Windows, Go to Settings to activate Windows

So your new eBay gaming computer has a watermark in the lower right corner that says, “Activate Windows, Go to Settings to activate Windows”? Rebooting your computer will not fix this. You simply have to activate your copy of Windows with a key. Regardless, your computer was supposed to ship with an Activated copy of Windows 10 Pro. In short, if you are unsuccessful communicating with the buyer, don’t worry there are options. Go back to eBay and look for a Windows 10 Pro key. You should be able to find a reputable seller. Here is a list of legit Windows key sellers on eBay.

So why not use Windows without activating it? Because you will miss out on personalization and customization features, not to mention major security updates.

If you’ve had the experience of using an inactivated copy of Windows for any length of time, you know how annoying it can be to work around a giant Windows watermark. Here’s how to remove it.

Note: this does not “activate” your copy of Windows, this just removes the watermark.

1. Open Notepad.
2. Copy and Paste the following script into it:
@echo off taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe explorer.exe.
3. Save the file as “activation.bat”. To do this click the drop-down menu to, all files. You could save it to your desktop so it’s easily found or anywhere you like.
4. Double click your newly created batch file and restart your computer. (delete the file when finished or zip it up and save it for a rainy day) ⛈

If you need assistance installing your newly purchased Windows 10 key have a look at this page and call me for help connecting.

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